My Web Projects

My web-coding path started long ago with a creation of a webpage for unnamed clan of unnamed browser game. I had a lot of free time and a great desire to learn something new. It slowly evolved from a single static page, to multiframe js structure and then to a simple PHP CMS. At the end we had a fully functional control panel, forum, gallery, minichat, guestbook, newsfeed, a small store for ingame items and ofcourse an authorization system. I even tried to imply multidesign and multilanguage features, but left them unfinished.

Also during these years I worked on a small webstore (and it actually sold a few things), different databases and applications for my scientific work. Sometime I will make a showroom of every made website and app.

After few revisions I had 2 working CMS: full-featured BMEvo and it's simple version Confetti. Most of my latest web-project are supported with Confetti CMS, BMEvo is just dusting somewhere on my HDD waiting for a chance to show it's true potential.

1. Personal Page
You're now looking at my main website. All changes to Confetti CMS are first applied and tested here.

Most of my PHP-work is connected with Eugenia and her business. This website provides spanish-speaking travellers with information on tours to St. Petersburg and other destinations.

Information and tours for english-speaking tourists.

Another website for spanish-speaking tourists. Still under construction.

Assistance in buying business class real estate in Saint Petersburg.