You were lucky enough to land on the personal page of Pavel Shapochkin - an amateur web-master, a young scientist in the field of semiconductor physics and a person of not so many but incredibly interesting interests. Here you can find a juicy collection of colorful moments of my life in forms of small photogallery, several blog entries and a number theme-based content pages.

In case you've been charmed by this website I'm providing web-development and hosting services. This page is based on the handmade CMS "Confetti (2016-12-09)" with intuitively obvious control panel and simple user-interface. Contact me if you want to know more about its features and potential. You can also check Confetti's big brother - BMEvo CMS.

I'm open for any collaboration and ready to materialize (almost) any crazy web-features unavailable in both Confetti and BMEvo engines.

4. Work
2017-03-17 12:54:38

Last couple of weeks was crazy.

Doing my own work, taking part in epitaxial growth process and reading articles on the topic, trying to catch up on educational stuff and squeeze into upcoming conferences after all the deadlines, reacting to all web-development requests and family issues, finally babysitting a young kitten. All that is kinda exhausting and there's not chance it will get easier anywhere in the near future.