You were lucky enough to land on the personal page of Pavel Shapochkin - amateur web-master, young scientist in the field of semiconductor physics and a person of not so many but incredibly interesting interests. Here you can find a juicy collection of colorful moments of my life in forms of small photogallery, several blog entries and a number theme-based content pages.

In case you've been charmed by this website I'm providing web-development and hosting services. This page is based on the handmade CMS "Confetti (2016-10-10)" with intuitively obvious control panel and simple user-interface. Contact me if you want to know more about its features and potential. You can also check Confetti's big brother - BMEvo CMS.

I'm open for any collaboration and ready to materialize (almost) any crazy web-features unavailable in both Confetti and BMEvo engines.

4. Kover
2016-10-24 23:58:32

Putin Kover is best of the best kover in the world!